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Course Overview


19 Tests – 12 subject wise + 4 All India Full length Mocks + 3 Full Length Tests ( GS & CSAT)

For a competitive exam testing is an effective way to improve knowledge and ability to recall information. Researches have found that students who practiced mock tests on the lines of actual examination did better in the final exam than those students who didn’t. 

Given the significance of the test series in IAS preparation MAX IAS has designed test series on the lines of original UPSC examination in terms of the pattern, the coverage of syllabus, the level of toughness, the dynamism involved in questions. 

*Test is immediately followed by 3 hours of explanation session

  • 19 Tests enables the aspirants to revise the complete syllabus effectively
  • Tests designed will help the aspirants to understand the demands of the UPSC exam

60 hours of explanation session by KRANTHI PAVEL IRIGI sir Director MAX IAS, there will be complete explanation of paper immediately after mock test, this enables aspirants to identify the loopholes in preparation/approach like

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Key Features

All India Ranking

All India Ranking enables the aspirants to understand the actual competition and preparedness for the exam.

Wise Time Management

Aspirants can learn to prioritise and strategize the time to be invested in each question.

Online/Offline Mode

Aspirants have the flexibility to attend online/offline mode.

Immediate Question Paper Explanation Session

Post Test Explanation session helps the aspirants to analyse the mistakes committed, the method of elimination and to get conceptual clarity.

Effective Coverage of the Complete Syllabus

The test has been designed to cover all the areas of the syllabus completely with special emphasis on the important and potential areas.

Questions similar to
UPSC Level

SANGRAM Prelims Test Series matches with the original UPSC Examination, in terms of the pattern , the weightage for different subjects, the coverage of syllabus, the level of toughness, and the dynamism involved in questions.