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Direct tax kitty picks up pace, up 20.25% by February 10 [Page 01]

Relevance: Prelims – Economy

Focus Area:

  • What are Direct Taxes?
  • Which all taxes come under Direct Taxes?
  • What is Personal Income Tax [PIT]?
  • What is Corporate Income Tax [CIT]?

Source Link: The Hindu

Parliamentary affairs- The Last session of the 17th Lok Sabha served as a preparatory form for polls [Page 06]

Relevance: Prelims – Polity

Focus Area:

  • What forms Lok Sabha?
  • Who are Members of Parliament [MP]?
  • What are Privilege Committees?
  • Who is the Deputy speaker?

Source Link: The Hindu

A privileged strategic partnership, without a gulf [Page 06]

Relevance: Prelims and Mains – International Relationship

Focus Area:

  • About India and U.A.E relationship ties?
  • What is the Global Green Credit Initiative?
  • What is the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor [IMEEC]?

Source link: The Hindu

PM-SVANidhi boosted annual income of street vendors by rupees 23,000: Study [Page 06]

Relevance: Prelims and Mains – Government schemes

Focus Area:

  • What is the PM-SVANidhi Scheme?
  • Who is the beneficiary under this scheme?

Source Link: The Indian Express

The intrusive state [Page 09]

Relevance: Mains – Governance – GS 2

Focus Area

  • What is the Uniform Civil Code?
  • What is Article 44 under the Constitution of India?
  • What is M.S Puttaswamy’s ruling?

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