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Anthropology Classroom Course (ACC) 2023-24

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Anthropology Classroom Course ACC 2023 24 1
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About Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans holistically. The anthropology syllabus of UPSC is very interesting, it covers the cultures of Man, the Evolution & adaptation of man, Indian culture and Society, and Indian Tribes.

Why Anthropology?

Easy to cover in 3-4 months irrespective of the educational background of aspirants. Covers Society of General Studies Paper I, part of History. Helps in Essay Writing and Interview.

  • KRANTHI PAVEL IRIGI sir , Director MAX IAS shall be conducting the classes .
  • 3.5 – 4 months of duration, daily 3 hours of class.
  • Five days a week classes (Monday – Friday) followed by Tests on SATURDAYS.
  • Scheduled one to one doubt clearing sessions.
  • High quality content designed from Indian and foreign books.
  • Class Notes and printed material.
  • Special focus on Anthropological Theories and Indian Tribes.
  • Focus on answer writing with weekend tests and sectional wise tests on regular basis followed by immediate evaluation and feedback by KRANTHI PAVEL IRIGI sir, Director MAX IAS.

4 Months

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05:00 PM to 07:30 PM