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Anthropology Classroom Course (ACC) 2025-26

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Anthropology ACC MaxiAs 1 scaled
Course Overview

About Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans holistically. The anthropology syllabus of UPSC is very interesting, it covers the cultures of Man, the Evolution, adaptation and variation of humans, Indian culture and Society, and Indian Tribes.

Why Anthropology?

Easy to cover in 3-4 months irrespective of the educational background of aspirants. Covers Society of General Studies Paper I,  History of General Studies Paper I, Science section of Prelims, helps in Essay Writing and Interview.

Course Features
  • All classes will be taught by Kranthi Pavel Irigi (Director of MAX-IAS)
  • Quality content provided from the books referred by UPSC written by Foreign and Indian authors
  • Content enrichment through case studies and current affairs
  • Innovative teaching methodology through slides, pictures, flowcharts, and mindmaps for better assimilation and retention
  • Focus on making the aspirant to understand the subject holistically by interlinking of topics rather than by-hearting (UPSC expects this ability from aspirants)
  • Equal focus on Paper I and Paper II (Most Institutes Neglect Paper II)
  • Special focus on Anthropological Theories which forms the core of the subject
  • Utmost importance to answer writing with
    • Daily assignment
    • Chapter-Wise Tests
    • Full-Length Tests
  • Test paper evaluation will be done by Kranthi Pavel Irigi sir with personal feedback.
  • One-to-one mentorship and doubt clearance by Kranthi Pavel Irigi sir
Highlights of the Course
What Makes Us Different From Other Institute?
Equals focus

Equal Focus On Both Paper I and Paper II

Mentorship Icon

One to one doubt resolution and mentorship

Lifetime Validity

Extended and lifetime validity on course and test series respectively

Innovative teaching methodology

Innovative teaching methodology