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Anthropology Mains Extended Test Series

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Anthropology Extended Test Series Max IAS
  • Question paper as per UPSC standard with effective coverage of entire syllabus
  • Paper evaluation by Kranthi Pavel Irigi [Director max IAS] personally
  • Test paper discussion by Kranthi Pavel Irigi after the test (Offline/ Online)
  • Students can attempt every Test Twice for improving the art of answer writing 
  • Model answer for the questions  (Hard copy / Soft copy)
  • Access to classroom courses for 40  hours for doubtful and difficult topics 
  • Number of tests: 30 Tests (18 Tests +12 AMTS)
    • 14 Sectional-Wise Tests
    • 4 Full-Length Tests
  • Free access to 12 Tests of Anthropology Mains Test Series (AMTS)
  • Free access to current affairs classes for 6 months (worth 8500/-)
  • Free Current affairs magazine for 1 Year (Both Hardcopy and Soft Copy) (Hard copy of Current affairs magazine can  be collected  from the office/posted to your address)
  • Student can write test as per their convenience (Can give any test on any day and any time at Test Center)