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General Studies Prelims Cum Mains

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General Studies Prelims cum Mains MaxiAs
Course Overview
  • Quality content provided from the books referred by UPSC
  • Best GS teaching team led by  Kranthi Pavel Irigi [Director max IAS]
  • Innovative teaching methodology through slides, pictures, flowcharts, and mindmaps for better assimilation and retention
  • Focus on making the aspirant to understand the subject holistically by interlinking of topics rather than by-hearting [UPSC expects this ability from aspirants]
  • Focus on answer writing  practice with 
    • Daily assignment 
    • Chapter-wise test 
    • Full-length tests
  • Focus on MCQs solving  through daily questions and PYQs
  • One-to-one mentorship and doubt clearance

Study Material: Both Hardcopy/Softcopy 

Other than study material class notes will also be provided 

Mode of Classes: Online/Offline 

Offline students can access recorded lectures for the missed classes