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History Module

History Module Prelims 2024 Maxias
Course Features
  • All classes will be taught by Kranthi Pavel Irigi (Director of MAX-IAS)
  • Most of the questions from History every year are from Kranthi Pavel Irigi Sir’s Class notes
  • History has a weightage of about 30 marks in Prelims
  • The course is based on Standard Reference Books referred by UPSC
  • Covers Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Art and Culture.
  • Focus on Holistic understanding rather than facts
  • Chronology-based approach with a focus on PRICES- Political, Religious, Intellectual/Institutional, Cultural, Economic, and Social aspects of History
  • Syllabus to be covered in 15 days
  • MCQ-based sectional tests on Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Art and Culture
  • One Free Demo Class.