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A Critical view of the ‘sanitation miracle’ in rural India [Page 06]

Relevance: Mains – GS2 – Welfare Schemes

Focus Area:

  • What is the sanitization condition in India as per the National Sample Survey Office [NSSO] and National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey [NARSS]?
  • What is Open defecation free [ODF], ODF+, ODF++?

Source link: The Hindu

The scientist in Japan who scared laboratory flies to understand fear [Page F2]

Relevance: Prelims – science

Focus Area

  • What is tachykinin?
  • What is the rear neural activity of Drosophila melanogaster?

Five key takeaways from the 2021-22 higher education survey (Page 12)

Relevance: – Mains – GS1 and GS2

Focus Area:

  • What is [All India Survey of Higher Education] AISHE?
  • What is the WTO trade dispute mechanism?

Source link: The Indian Express

Snow leopard count: why this Himalayan feat is the first step in securing the cat [Page 12]

Relevance: Prelims – Environment

Focus Area:

  • What is the conservation status of snow leopards in India and the World?
  • What is the spatial distribution of snow leopard?
  • What is the spatial?

Source link: The Indian Express

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