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What are the regulations with respect to rice prices? [Page 12]

Relevance: Prelims and Mains – GS-3 – Agriculture

Focus Area:

  • Trends in Paddy Productions in India?
  • What is Bharat Rice?
  • Trends in price rise and measures taken by the government?

Source link: The Hindu

Cabinet approved new fisheries scheme [Page 15]

Relevance: Prelims and mains – G.S-3 – Government Scheme

Focus Area:

  • What is Pradhan Mantri Matsya Kisan Samridhi Sah-Yojana?
  • What is Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana?
  • What is the Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund, 2026?

Source link: The Hindu

‘Minor’ water pollution offenses to be decriminalized  [Page 16]

Relevance: Prelims and Mains- Environment

Focus Area:

  • What is Water [Pollution and Prevention] Act,1974?
  • What are the latest amendments of the Act?

Source Link: The Hindu

Why MPC kept repo rate unchanged? (Page 15)

Relevance: – Prelims – economy

Focus Area:

  • What is Monetary Policy Committee [MPC]?
  • What will happen to lending deposit rates?
  • Why has RBI kept the repo rate unchanged?

Source link: The Indian Express

Court reserves verdict: Debate around subcategorization within SC quota (Page 16)

Relevance: Prelims and Mains – GS-2

Focus Area:

  • What is subcategorization within Scheduled Caste?
  • What is Article 341?

Source link: The Indian Express

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