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T.N Governor Ravi refuses to deliver customary address [Page 01]

Relevance: Prelims – Mains – G.S 2                                                                    

Focus Area:

  • According to the Constitution what are the duties of the Governor?
  • What is the conflict between the state and the governor?

Source Link: The Hindu

Appointing Deputy CM’s not a breach of Constitution: SC [Page 12]

Relevance: Prelims – Polity

Focus Area:

  • What is the status of the Deputy CM in India?
  • What can be the issues that may develop with extra Constitution posts?

Source Link: The Hindu

A science for us: It remains to be seen if SWATI, an initiative to address the gender gap in science and technology, manages to break old habits   [Page 13]                 

Relevance: Prelims – Science and Technology

Focus Area:

  • What is the SWATI initiative?
  • Who are the beneficiaries of the SWATI initiative?

Jail and bail under UAPA [Page 17]

Relevance: Prelims – Polity

Focus Area

  • What is the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act [UAPA]?
  • What is Section 43D under UAPA?
  • What are the other provisions under CrPC?

Source Link: The Indian Express

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