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India among nations overusing “Watch” Group Antibiotics (Prelims S&T)

Focus Areas:

  • What is Antibiotics?
  • What is AwaRe Category of Antibiotics?
  • Antibiotics usage in India

Source Link: The Hindu (Page : 09)

The Growth of India- Bangladesh ties (Mains GS-2 International Relations)

Focus Areas:

  • Full Article

Source Link: The Hindu (Page : 10)

From voice to action: can the Rabbit r1 disrupt the smartphone market? (Prelims S&T)

Focus Areas:

  • What are Rabbitr1 features?
  • What is the difference between Rabbit vs Smartphones?
  • What are Large Language Models and Large Action Models?

Source Link: The Hindu (Page : 11)


Ayodhya wears festive look, stage set for Ram Temple consecration ceremony today (Prelims and Mains: Art & Culture)

Focus Areas:

  • Nagara Style of Temple Architecture

Source Link: The Indian Express (Page : 01)

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